Apie elfų akis

 Prieš porą metų buvau apžvelgęs knygą "Viduržemės mokslas". Viename jos skyriuje pasakota apie elfų regėjimą. O šiandien aptikau irgi gana seną "Uncertain Principles" blogo įrašą ta pačia tema. Įdomumas ten yra komentaruose. Štai keletas perliukų:

"Maybe elves have phase-sensitive retinas and can do interferometry between their two eyes."

"The interferometry idea is cute, but I gaurantee you that, if made out of anything resembling conventional nerve tissue, the act of shifting his eyes or moving his head will result in a complete decalibration of the system."

"Clearly Legolas’ optical system would have to consist not only of phase-sensitive retinas, but also fiber-optic delay lines and an optical correlator in his brain somewhere :)

If this were the case, turning his head or moving his eyes would actually help. With one baseline (2 elements), he only gets one fourier mode of the image and is thus only sensitive to one particular angular size. By turning his head away and looking at the army from the side, he can get more a more densely-sampled fourier plane. Of course, for completeness he’d also want to do the same thing with his head rotated 90 degrees so his eyes are oriented vertically and he can reconstruct a 2-D image.

Given, though, that Tolkien never mentions this curious ritual whenever Legolas looks at something, it’s pretty unlikely that Legolas was an interferometer."
Tokie ir panašūs pastebėjimai yra priežastis, kodėl gykiškumas valdo.


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